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| | jeudi, mars 18, 2004

Gray rainy days are excellent moments to observe the human species. Everybody seems to walk slower when it drizzles. The traffic lights are always red and sounds are muffled by the clouds.
Rainy days make desperate people even more desperate, make them crawl out of their hole in search of a newspaper, chocolate, the presence of other wet coats in the bakery, the post office or the grocery shop.
Today I had the privilige to spot a genuine specimen of the "dux disoccupato" or unemployed manager.
I saw him in the street when I was going through the humiliating phase of descending a huge traffic bump with my car, trying to forget the ungracefull appearance I was making. He looked at me with desperation in his eyes. Hurt beyond feeling. Darkness and anger. What a specimen. Just my luck!
I could immediately picture him in the board room. The way he had looked without the greying, untrimmed beard, his cheeks cleanly shaven, Smiling confidently. Now he was cursing the rain, the clouds, the wind. And probably me, for having a car, for crossing the hump, for looking at him.

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