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| | vendredi, mai 07, 2004

A client asks me how long he and his wife will stay together.
I start to itch. An itching I always feel when a certain kind of questions are asked.
I take out my crystal ball - it always impresses- and frown. The crystal ball is a very useful attribute for a clairvoyant. You know why? I helps channeling negative energy into strong and friendly vibes. The client feels good around it. It makes my itching stop. I used to think my paranormal capacities were a veneral disease.
"It isn't going very well between the two of you, isn't it?" I remark, pretending to gaze into the inifinite wisdom of the crystal.
"Eh, no (*sigh*) ...", he looks at me then the crystal ball, "We're having a difficult time. I'm barely home, always working."
"2 kids?" I ask. He nods.
What am I supposed to do?He is looking for advice from a third party to decide whether or not to flush his marriage down the drain.
"She's having an affair", I say, trying to look surprised as I stare into the ball.
His shoulders stiffen. I can imagine his tows curling in his socks. He's shocked.
"With a woman."
Grinding of teeth.
That will do. He'll go home now.

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