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| | mercredi, août 18, 2004

She has an outer appearance of calm and rest that makes you doubt her abilities. What exactly is she capable of? Men past forty like to think she's a bit backward. That she could have had it in her to build up a decent career, but she just so odd that nobody trusts her. Imagine working with that woman and finding out she's smarter than you thought. She might upset the whole planning. We all know how women are. Stubborn.
So she just sits quietly, stares at their ties and shiny shaven faces. Fakes a smile once in a while. And eats. She tears apart the pieces of smoked salmon with sharp teeth. Unnoticed. In her mind she growls and claws like an animal fighting for food. Inside she is forcing her way through the thick undergrowth of the jungle.
She paints her body with fat strokes of red clay. And in her restless mind, she screams about how meaningless it all is. Because inside she is earth, fire, water and air. Only that, all that.

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