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| | mercredi, novembre 03, 2004

She ran up the stairs to the office and heard a voice calling. "Hey Sarah, I’ve got something for you! Fingerprints of the victim and the full pathology report. Come and get it!" Chris disappeared into his office. He was more or less the only friend she had in the police force here.
He was sitting behind his desk eating a boule de Berlin. His hands and mouth shiny with oil and covered in powder sugar.
"Well darling, you look tired. You haven’t been out again in some sleazy lesbian bar all night trying to find true love now, have you?" There was a twinkle in his eyes. Obviously he was in for some verbal play. But she wasn’t.
"It’s my cold, Chris, I didn’t sleep well."
"Oh," he looked disappointed. "I could use a juicy dyke story today, Sarah. It beats filing these.” He pointed to an immense pile of files on the table behind him. "The boss is chaining me to the desk again."
"Well today the juicy dyke took a day off and sent the tired police woman to the office. And besides, true love is a lie. You know that as well as I do." she answered him.
"Oh dear, you are in a foul mood today. Let’s get you off to work. You have a meeting with a dead girl, in the freezer." He paused. "It’s an odd case though, isn’t it?"
"I’ve been thinking Chris. It’s possible that the killer wasn’t from around here and just dropped off the body and left. Maybe even left the country. That’s the worst case scenario. But even then, how’s it possible that no one noticed anything. There are about 200 people living in the apartment blocks.
All kitchen windows of the front apartments look onto the trees, where she was lying. There’s something not right about those blocks."

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