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| | lundi, décembre 20, 2004

Two years you said of being alone. Two years of one night stands, how will that change you? How have you changed me?
We need a lot of trust. Trust without guts.
I went to a clairvoyant yesterday and after she had laid out my cards I asked her for some.
"You've been stealing from your partner, haven't you?" She laughed.
She could see right through me.
"You're trying to build a fortress on a vulcano, dear." She went into the back room and I heard her open a drawer. She muttered. "It's been done, though. It has been done."
When she returned, redheaded and a bit sweaty, she gave me an on old and dirty plastic bag. "Here you go, this is all I can miss right now."
Outside I looked in the bag. It was filled with flakes of skin. Thousands, maybe millions of yellowish and transparent pieces of human skin waste carefully dried and flattened.

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