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| | mardi, avril 26, 2005

Dear Mr. Tunick,
On saturday May 7th, you plan to photograph your new work of art in Bruges.
Coincidence, but that day is Gay Pride day in Brussels.
So - rain or shine - it's choosing between art or pride... What a pity.
I have this vision of 10 000 naked gays :-)

Participate in Bruges, Belgium for an installation by contemporary artist Spencer Tunick

Take advantage of this unique opportunity on Saturday, May 7, 2005 - rain or shine.

Participants will only be nude for a short period of time and in exchange for taking part, you’ll receive a photograph of the installation by the artist.

Participants will be contacted closer to the date of the installation with further instructions and arrival time.

Only participants will be allowed in the vicinity of the art event.

more info: http://www.corpusbrugge05.be/pages/start.asp

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