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| | jeudi, juin 02, 2005

Part1| Part 2| Part 3

She comes in and closes the door. I can see her eyes quickly inspect the room, like a cat. She must feel something is not right.
I'm sitting in a corner, knees up to my chest, silently breathing.
I don't think she has seen me. She walks through the room and pulls a lever or something. I can really see it very well. A door slides open silently and she disappears in the kitchen.
"Would you like tea or coffee?" she yells. There's no one in the room. The front door is closed. I start getting nervous.
"Hellooo there, I'm talking to you." Her head pops out of the kitchen and she's staring me straight into the face. "Tea or coffee?"
A feeling of uneasiness spreads through my stomach when I look into her stale blue eyes. She looks dangerous and tough and I'm invading her territory.

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