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| | dimanche, août 28, 2005

Early sunlight is seeping in through the kitchen window. She breathes heavily into my ear. I can't move. She has me in a tight clamp. Her knees are pressing into my thighs. She tightens her grip and contorts my wrist until I yell out with pain.

"I hate you." I growl.

She bangs her knee into my side and I fall onto the floor, panting for breath.
Then she throws herself on top of me and pushes her wet hair into my face. I can't breathe. Whisky stings my eyes and throat. I grab hold of her thighs and she starts to move.
She stumbles to the bathroom, pulling me along with her.
She opens the taps and tries to tear off her wet clothes. Meanwhile she pulls me by the hair and pushes me into the bathtub. I try to bite and scratch, but she's strong enough to push me under the tab. Ice cold water pounds onto my skull.

"You miserable bitch...", she breathes into my ear. "I should have known. Why the hell did I come with you..."

"This is why." I answer quickly and bite her earlobe.

She tries to turn her head away from me. I can see her large brown breasts bulge out of her shirt. She has goose bumps and big, rock hard nipples.
I reach out to touch them, but she grabs my hair again and pushes me deeper into the bathtub. Her whole body is leaning into me. I lose my balance and fall flat on my stomach. My head bangs into the bottom of the bathtub.

She crawls on top of me now and pushes me down with her strong thighs.
I can feel her toes drill into the back of my knees.
She turns the tabs open full blast. I'm stuck. Water is slowly finding it's way under and around my body.
She is going to drown me.

"Well now, what about showing me what you can do?" she snarls.
"And hurry up."

(to be continued...)

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