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| | mardi, août 30, 2005

She pushes her fingers in between my legs and I can feel water entering my cunt, its heat slowly spreading itself. Each time her fingers enter me, she pushes my head deeper under water. I want to resist, but I know that the more I struggle, the longer this will take. She wants to be the boss. I will make her think she has broken me.

She's fucking me rhythmically. Slow and deep. I try to concentrate on her fingers and the heavy pulsating beat of blood in my cunt. I try to relax and move with her. She reacts and pushes her hipbone against my lower back.

The water level is rising and she keeps pushing me under water for longer and longer periods. The more I gasp for breath, the more she seems to enjoy it. Her breasts sway with every move. She laughs at me and tries to push 3 fingers into me. Too short, bad angle. Does she think I can come like that? She doesn't even give me a fair chance.
I become frustrated and angry again. Suddenly I remember how she snapped at me in the bar. Bitch. I start to move faster and harder and rub my buttocks against her public hair.

Finally she starts to relax. I manage to get more air. She starts to moan and moves even faster. I can hardly keep up with her, but my arm is free now. With one big punch I can make her lose her balance. I hit her hard in the face. Her hands immediately cover her nose and cheeks. She clearly didn't expect this.

I push myself up, grab hold of her and throw her onto the bathroom floor.
She's still looking at me with astonishment in her eyes.

"So do you want to kill me or what?" I yell at her. "You don't even have enough feeling to commit a murder."

"Amateur!" She yells back almost immediately. Her eyes are shiny with anger, but the blow has weakened her. I grab her ankles and haul her through the living room, over the rough carpet, as far as the stairs. I use my shirt to tie up her hands above her head and strap them to the banisters. She doesn't resist and closes her eyes. She's saving her power for her next assault.
I fetch the whisky from the kitchen and quickly pour a sip into her mouth. That helps.

She starts coughing and slowly realises what situation she has gotten herself into.
The more she pulls and struggles, the tighter her cuffs become.
I can see her thinking. She desperately tries to come up with a plan, a trick that would make me release her. But if I would cut her loose now, she would humiliate me until I would do anything to make her stop.

(to be continued...)

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