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| | jeudi, septembre 01, 2005

I don't give in to her pleas. I don't even touch her. I just pull off the few clothes she is still wearing and turn up the heating.
Then I sit down and drink whisky. Quietly.
That gets her angry. Rage is building up inside her. Her arms are becoming heavy and she' s running out of patience. But she knows we haven't finished yet. For the first time I can see insecurity in her eyes.

She has the most beautiful hips: round and brown and soft. When she moves, I can see the muscles in her upper arms move under her skin. I observe her and enjoy.

She's standing upright, kicking and cursing. She's too proud and stubborn to admit that she has lost the game.
I approach her and push her against the wall with my body. Brutally. She struggles and pretends to be disgusted. Our breasts touch and I shiver. She's breathing heavily into my neck, but she doesn't bite. I massage her nipples and cup her breasts in my hands. I know this turns her on. She’s getting wet now and keeps pushing her hips against mine.

"What do you want from me?" I whisper in her ear. "More whisky?"
She turns her head away. I’ve still got the bottle in my hand and take a big swig. Then I kiss her. She wants my tongue but I try to push the whisky into her mouth. She doesn’t swallow, just lets the liquid run down her chin, neck and breasts. Slowly, with only the tip of my tongue, I lick it off. From her neck to the hollow of her scapula. Down in between her breasts. Over her stomach to her hip bone. -Thighs, knees, calves to all ten of her toes.
Then back up along the inside of her right thigh. She’s trembling. She’s shaken with emotion and I thought she couldn’t feel anything.
I lick teasingly slow and carefully avoid any spot she likes me to touch. When I reach her lips and kiss her, she kisses me back wildly. I’m afraid she will bite my tongue.

I slide my right finger into her cunt. She sighs. I try not to touch her clit.
She’s really horny now and can barely contain herself. She just wants to move and buckle and grind. Like an animal. Her muscles contract and relax and her skin is burning. She’s having trouble standing up.

“Do you want me?” I whisper into her hair. “Yes,” she says. “Yes, I want you. Go on. Don’t stop.”

But I do stop and untie her. I push her into the bedroom, onto the bed and massage her wrists. She pulls me on top of her and starts to move. I slowly push my hip against her wet clit. She’s so horny she can barely hold a rhythm. I push her hips into the mattress and try to postphone her orgasm as long as possible, but she comes almost immediately. Long and hard. I keep moving. She groans and sighs each time my hip or thigh touch her cunt.

She moves a little and squeezes her hand in between our hips to help me. I’m as wet as she is. I can feel her fingers slide over my cunt and I know I’m about to explode. She keeps moving slowly until a big full blown orgasm hits me.
I shudder and contract on top of her, her arms pushing me tightly against her body. I lie motionless and a feeling of release and loss, of sadness and emptiness washes over me.
She caresses my back and shoulders and I stay on top of her for a while. Completely still. After a while she whispers something in my ear.

”Animal.” she says.
”You”, I answer, “You are my animal.”

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